“Regular use of soap disturbs a healthy vagina. As a doctor, I strongly recommend Lip Intimate Care’s oil-based products as they strengthen the genital area. Excellent for daily use but also during periods in life when mucous membranes are particularly fragile.”
Karin Ehn, doctor

“Finally, an organic cleansing oil for intimate care with a beautiful and natural scent.
As a midwife, it is important to recommend products that protect against dry and fragile mucous membranes and also cares about the environment. That’s why I strongly recommend Lip Intimate Care!”

Carina Rylander, midwife
“I have been using Lip Intimate Care for a while now and will never go back to my old intimate cleansing ways.
Very satisfied with the results and will recommend it to all my loyal clients and closest friends!”
Aime Kellerman, skin therapist and owner at SugarMe